In more specific terms, she was posting a photo of never-worn, vintage day-of-the-week underwear on Instagram. Actually, it was a cluster of posts: a few pieces of old silver jewelry carefully laid out on a black knit background, two matching ’90s souvenir jackets with “Japan” embroidered on their backs, and a slightly scuffed 1940s ostrich purse . Across the room, a pile of items had already been churned through the store’s Instagram feed and wrapped up in plastic postage envelopes, waiting to be picked up by the mailman and sent to victorious internet shoppers. “Alright,” she said, finally placing her phone down on the counter and turning toward me, indicating that now it was time to wait. What began for Johnson and her former business partner a few years back as a simple effort to boost business on a rainy day has now become integral to the marketing and sales of her shop’s ever-changing merchandise. In the same way people shop online with a few clicks for kitty litter, appliances, apartments, lovers, and cars, so, too, do they shop for cutesy vintage panties. And by way of critical mass, user friendliness, and the never-ending hustle of the vintage community, Instagram has become the unofficial marketplace to do it. Since the early days of the commercial internet, used-clothing sellers have sought to expand their customer bases via online storefronts like Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy. (In fact, a handful of online retail stores, like Nasty Gal, got their start there .) In the seven years since Instagram launched, it has become a go-to location for the on-demand second-hand clothing market, transforming the DIY profession into its own parallel-universe fashion industry. Savvy collectors now use the platform’s social features, hashtags, and photo-editing tools to market their best goods to a more diverse customer base, styling their photoshoots and models to push seasonal trends and following potential buyers based on their activity — just like their corporate counterparts. The ease of Insta-sales has emboldened a new generation of one-man digital thrift shops while transforming the art of the find.

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