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this Sunday, and this marks an important moment for the Kardashian franchise. In certain ways, there has never been more curiosity about the family and their brand. Kim Kardashian Wests robbery in Paris in October was one of the biggest celebrity stories of the year in 2016, and her subsequent retreat from social media and gradual return has continued to fuel the story. Kendall Jenner has appeared on the cover of Vogue twice since September. Kanye Wests behaviorfollowing his week-long hospitalization, subsequent meeting in New York with Donald Trump, and New York Fashion Week show is about as closely monitored as it has ever been. Khloe, Kourtney, and Rob Kardashian are doing their part as well, knowing very well how to maximize interest in their lives and relationships with a well-timed, cryptic social-media post or a leaked item in a celebrity news blog. Getty Images Kanye West and Kim Kardashian But, and this is the case for any show 13 seasons in, there also seems to be some exhaustion setting in. How many narratives about Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashians Are they going to get back together or not? relationship can we withstand? Is a story about Kendall or Kylies difficulty living in the public eye really going to resonate, given we have heard them express this challenge on nearly every season of the show? We have written before about the way the show can be extremely dynamic and intriguing when it showcases the smaller moments, the real, relatable interactions between family members that we are not privy to in mainstream coverage of the family, or even in their Instagram and Snapchat posts.

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I wasn't able to do anything for myself and couldn't really speak. My Mum was dressing me and showering me," she says. Cooke was admitted to Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Crumlin where she remained for 10 months. Despite being involved กระเป๋าแฟชั่น bagbrandforyou in numerous medical trials she regressed, lost control of her back and hips, and by the time she was discharged she wasn't able to walk. "I couldn't hold myself up and was in a wheelchair for about seven months but being a very stubborn person I wanted to prove to people what I could do. "After a lot of physio I started jogging every day and I started to absolutely love the freedom." Image copyright Katie Cooke Cooke now runs every day and says a missed session sees the tiredness and dizziness of her earlier condition return. But running only alleviates her symptoms, it hasn't been a cure. The raised heart rate brought on by running triggers more seizures than if she didn't run, but Cooke says it improves her general well-being which is a negative worth accepting. Her neurologist, Dr Doherty, has also weighed up the pros and cons from a medical perspective. "There are particular challenges with having epilepsy and long-distance running, but if you're walking you have those challenges too and I think the general benefits outweigh these risks," he says.

Although International Womens Day was only adopted by the United Nations in 1975, it was marked for the first time in New York in the early 1900s. Over a century later, the celebrations birthplace marked International Womens Day in a suitably grand fashion, with women nationwide invited to participate in A Day Without a Woman a strike to raise awareness around issues of civil liberties, reproductive rights and economic inequality. Heres how other countries have been celebrating so far: Australia: In several cities childcare workers orchestrated a strike to protest pay inequality and the lack of funding for early education. More than 1,000 early-years workers walked off the job at 3:20 p.m. local time, when organizers said women in Australia begin working for free, and joined International Womens Day rallies. According to childcare union United Voice, the 97% female workforce is under-paid , and qualified early childhood educators earn about half the national average wage. PICS JUST IN: An International Womens Day rally outside Parliament House. #9News Nine News Melbourne (@9NewsMelb) March 8, 2017 Ahead of International Womens Day, Melbourne installed ten female pedestrian crossing icons on the citys traffic signals, in an attempt to fight unconscious bias and stereotypes among citizens. China According to Chinese law , women are entitled to a half-day off on International Womens Day. For many shops and online retailers, however, the day is simply an opportunity to attract female shoppers with discounts on cosmetics, lingerie and footwear. Chinese กระเป๋าสตางค์ขายส่ง 60 บาท feminist Li Maizi, who was detained for over a month two years ago after she and four other young activists tried to hand out stickers about sexual harassment on public transport in Chinese cities for International Womens Day, addressed an audience in London, noting that there has been both progress and a backlash against womens rights since her arrest and the increasing state surveillance of NGOs.

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