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Christos PaliosPhoto: Baltimore Sun Parks Department workers Laura Velasco (left) and Tasheema Chatman (right) with their cleaning tools.Photo: Robert Miller But Chatman, 40, said she only expected to clean up doggy doo from sidewalks and grass, not from the sole of someones รองเท้า ส้น เตารีด แฟชั่น shoe. He had this cocky, arrogant demeanor to himself, like this was a regular thing for him, Chatman said of Palios. As she polished the shoe, My supervisors didnt say anything, she said. They didnt stop it, they didnt say anything. One of them just smiled and the other was busy looking at his phone, she said. Meanwhile, Palios, kneeling beside her, inspected his other shoe for droppings. Thats when Chatman made her escape. They made me feel less than a person. I cant stop breaking down, she said, adding that she cried in the bathroom for 15 minutes after the incident. I just dont understand how somebody can treat another human being like that. And this is happening right in the Mayors backyard and he needs to know. Chatman, who has been with the agency since 2004, requested, and was granted, a transfer to another park.

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